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2018-2019 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)/Literacy Education - Birth to Grade 6, B.S./M.S.Ed.

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Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Education
Curriculum 0440/8090 Requirements (The Arts)
Curriculum 0441/8091 Requirements (English Language Arts)
Curriculum 0442/8092 Requirements (Modern Language and Cultures)
Curriculum 0443/8093 Requirements (STEM)
Curriculum 0444/8094 Requirements (Social Studies)
Curriculum 0445/8095 Requirements (Interdisciplinary)
Curriculum 0446 Requirements (No Concentration)

Childhood Education Combined Programs, B.S./M.S.Ed.  

General Education Requirements 33-34 Credits

  1. Up to 14 credits of prerequisite coursework may be required to satisfy GE and will count as elective credit.
  2. Students must complete a two-semester, beginning-level sequence or demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English or in American Sign Language. The second semester language also satisfies the GE foreign language requirement (0-6 cr.)
  3. General Education courses will not count toward Generalist Content.

Concentration 30 Credits

See Childhood Education Grades 1-6  for concentration requirements for Generalist and Specialization Content.

  1. Generalist Content: (15 cr.)
    Teacher candidates must take at least one course from each of the General Content areas to address the content knowledge needs of a childhood education teacher. Generalist Content areas include: English Language Arts; Mathematics; the Arts; Social Studies; and, Science. A minimum of 9 credits (3 of the 5 core categories) must be satisfied at the 300 or 400 level. Courses must be in addition to courses used to fulfill General Education. This will allow for 100 level general education courses to count as the prerequisite for upper level courses and will ensure that candidates have an opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of content. For example, candidates will be required to take a Natural Science as part of the General Education Program AND take a second science as part of the Generalist Content.
  2. Specialization Content: (15 cr.)
    Each teacher candidate must take a minimum 15 credits (including 9 credits at the 300 or 400 level) from one of the Specialization Content areas. Specialization Content areas include: The Arts; English Language Arts; Modern Languages and Cultures; Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM); Social Studies; or Interdisciplinary.

Electives 0 Credits

Certain major/cognate courses may also satisfy GE requirements thus increase elective credits accordingly.

Undergraduate Credits minimum 119
(including General Education Requirements)

Graduate Credits minimum 31

Total Credits minimum 150

Additional Degree Requirements

  1. Students must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA to become an Education Major. Education majors must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 will be reviewed by the Teacher Education Unit Academic Progress Committee for possible dismissal from the major.
  2. Minimum grade of C in all required education courses.
  3. Minimum grade of C in all cognate and concentration courses.
  4. A two-semester, beginning-level sequence or demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English or in American Sign Language.
  5. Successfully conduct themselves professionally at all times.
  6. Demonstrate professional ethical behaviors.
  7. A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 in all required major courses (Major Departmental Requirements 57 Credits).
  8. Completion of all college-wide degree requirements (Undergraduate Degree Requirements , General Education Program ).

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