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2018-2019 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Department

Professors: R. Bator, S. Mansfield
Associate Professors: W. Braje (chairperson), J. Bremser, L. Charette, K. Dunham, J. Grabbe, E. Sturman, P. Egan, M. Morales
Assistant Professors: R. Durant, I. Ibanez Casas, K. Miller
Lecturer: M. Finster, Q. Li, S. Trunck
Adjunct Faculty: Three or four positions

Students of psychology receive a broad background in the scientific study of behavior. They become well versed in the theories, research, and applications of the discipline. In addition, the curriculum includes courses in the study of human development, biopsychology, cognition, personality, clinical psychology, and social psychology. The department also offers opportunities for direct experience in research and application of psychological principles.

The major and minor programs interest students who plan to work with people in any of a wide range of settings including programs for individuals with disabilities, research centers, personnel and business offices, and certain clinical settings. Also, the major offers an excellent preparation for graduate study in many fields of psychology, social work, occupational therapy, and more. The psychology minor complements student majors in a variety of areas.

Students with junior standing may complete the B.A./B.S. Psychology program at SUNY Plattsburgh’s Branch Campus at Queensbury. For more information on the Branch Campus see the Regional, Local, and Campus Overview section of this catalog.


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