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2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Studies Department

Professors: S. Rao
Associate Professors: K. Isgro, B. Haina
Assistant Professors: B. Medeiros, L. Zito
Lecturer:  J. Chambers, J. Ward

Chairperson: Kirsten Isgro, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-564-2111
Email: isgrok@plattsburgh.edu


The Department of Communication Studies offers a comprehensive communication studies program in five distinct areas:

  • Audio-Radio Production
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Communication Studies
  • Digital Media Production
  • TV-Video Production

As part of these five majors, students may either receive a B.A. or B.S. (preferred) degree. Students are given a liberal arts education accompanied by cutting edge technological preparation and taught to think creatively, critically and responsibly.  

The Audio-Radio Production major provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to work in a variety of audio fields including radio, TV/Film sound, live sound, and field recording.  You begin by acquiring a technical proficiency with digital audio tools while also becoming familiar with the terminology used in various industries.   Later classes help you develop a broader understanding of theoretical concepts and encourages you to incorporate your artistic abilities as you create your own radio show, record audio for TV/Film, craft songs for media use, create podcasts, and more.

The Broadcast Journalism major prepares you for a career in news and sports program production for broadcasting.  You develop your talents and abilities both in front of-and behind the camera.  Hands-on courses provide the foundation as you learn techniques to gather, research, write, edit, produce, and deliver news, sports, and feature-length public affairs programs for both radio and television.

The Communication Studies major provides the foundation for analyzing, crafting, and disseminating messages on both personal and professional levels.  In this major you gain a greater understanding of the messages on both public and private delivery platforms.  This major is also valuable if you’re interested in pursuing professions in politics, law, speech writing, media relations, as well as for those who wish to pursue graduate studies and teaching.

As a student exploring the Digital Media Production major you develop wide-ranging skill sets with technologies that provide the platform for today’s messages and online interactions.  You explore many aspects of audio, video, and multimedia through hands-on training as you integrate analytical skills and theoretical foundations.  You get to design and build websites, craft social media messages, produce animations, create interactive online content, explore advanced video editing techniques, and acquire methods that will help you to incorporate digital media elements in today’s businesses and organizations.

Students enrolling in the TV-Video Production major learn how to use cutting-edge digital tools to produce various shows for broadcast and online outlets.  You will acquire the ability to write scripts, shoot, edit, direct and produce television programs.  You will gain experience producing multi-camera television programs in the studio, at sporting events, and in single-camera film style field productions as you develop your artistic talents and technological skills, you’ll be preparing for careers in producing, directing, acting, editing, and in other production positions in the industry.

Choose your experience.   The teaching philosophy which distinguishes our program from many other undergraduate programs is the belief that a student’s academic experience should be augmented with applied knowledge gained through practical experiences.  Our students have a variety of opportunities to choose from including:  Plattsburgh State Television (PSTV), WARP radio, WQKE radio (93.9 FM), as well as various other digital media practicum options.  Through these experiences you become familiar with the various aspects of producing television, radio, and internet programming including newscasts, live hockey and basketball telecasting, comedy and dramatic productions, game show, and music videos.  

Many of our courses include experiential and service learning components that add value and enrichment to your experiences.  And it’s these hands-on elements that also help prepare you to complete one or more internships available in the field.  As well, students regularly submit their work to various regional and national competitions, where they often win awards and gain greater industry knowledge.  Students are also encouraged to double major, add a minor, or join one of several honors societies (Lambda Pi Eta, Plattsburgh Student Media, Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists, Plattscomm Media, and others) to further develop their industry expertise.



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