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2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Canadian Studies

Professor: M. Richard

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The Canadian Studies multidisciplinary undergraduate program at SUNY Plattsburgh is among the oldest and strongest undergraduate programs in the nation with a focus on Canada. Students acquire a sensitivity to and an understanding of Canada’s historical, geographical, political, economic, and cultural character. They select Canadian content courses from among the greatest number and variety available at any university in the country. Minors are available in both Canadian studies and Québec studies. CAS 111 - Introduction to Canada (3 cr.)  is the foundational course to the study of Canada and is required for both minors. A major in Canadian studies may also be pursued through individualized studies for students who build upon either minor by enrolling in additional Canadian content courses offered by cooperating departments. Students often find it attractive to combine Canadian Studies and/or Québec Studies with majors in disciplines such as history, business, French, political science, economics, and many others offered at SUNY Plattsburgh.

The Canadian Studies program takes advantage of Plattsburgh’s strategic proximity to Canadian cities including Montréal, Ottawa, and Québec City to expose students to the importance of Canada and its prominent relationship with the United States. Regularized student mobility efforts include faculty-led study tours to Canada, student academic exchanges, and internship opportunities, as well as student participation at Canadian and Québec-content conferences.

Canadian Studies Faculty: Thirty-two faculty associates offer more than 37 Canadian content courses on a wide variety of topics. These faculty represent such distinct disciplines as anthropology, art, business, Canadian studies, communications, economics, English, environmental science, finance, French, geography, history, literature, management, marketing, music, political science, social work, sociology, supply chain management, and theatre. The Canadian studies program involves prestigious faculty who specialize in Canada-oriented teaching and research.

Resident Programs in Canada: Students may participate for a semester or an academic year in resident programs at selected Canadian universities. Intensive French language immersion programs for three to five-week periods are also available throughout the summer at major universities in the Province of Québec. (For more information see the Study Abroad and Exchanges section.) Exceptional SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate students have an opportunity to apply for the Killam Fellowship Program, which provides a $5,000/semester scholarship to study at one of the 16 Canadian university partners located across the country.

Internships: Canadian Studies students acquire valuable skills and experience as participants in internship programs in the United States and Canada. Internship opportunities include state or provincial development offices, federal foreign affairs offices, consulates, Canadian multinational corporations, local businesses, and SUNY Plattsburgh’s Center for the Study of Canada. (See the Special Programs section of this catalog.) Internships offered through Canadian studies are specifically tailored to fit the unique interests of individual students.

Scholarships: Each semester, several scholarships are available exclusively to students enrolled in Canadian Studies programs. Depending upon student eligibility, Canadian Studies scholarships may range from $250 to the equivalent of in-state tuition. The Canadian Studies program is privileged to offer these scholarships due to the generosity of valuable supporters, including: Brookfield, friends and family of Jeanne Kissner, Hiram Walker, Imasco, Lucienne Glaubinger, Northern Telecom, Olive M. and Willard C. Flynt. For information on scholarships, contact the coordinator of Canadian Studies or the Center for the Study of Canada.