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2021-2022 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adventure & Expeditionary Studies Department

Associate Professor: J. Isaak, S. Maynard
Assistant Professors: C. Henley

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Jerry Isaak, Associate Professor
Phone: 518-564-5292
Email: jerry.isaak@plattsburgh.edu


Expeditionary studies offers a rigorous adventure education curriculum. The major prepares students to become outdoor leaders through an integrated program of academic reflection and advanced outdoor training. The course of study recognizes the dynamics of working in an outdoor setting and that outdoor leaders and educators must learn to manage challenging situations, both human and environmental, in that dynamic setting. The expeditionary studies curriculum offers a firm grounding in the liberal arts, in such courses as “The History and Culture of the Expedition,” “Adventure Leadership,” and “Senior Expedition” as the context for the integration of skill and knowledge. In addition to this foundation, the major requires a specialization leading to advanced training in either climbing, paddle sports, or backcountry skiing; a secondary concentration building on both the liberal arts and advanced skill development; and a two-sequence senior capstone requirement culminating in the “Senior Expedition.”Through study and experience, students completing the degree in expeditionary studies will be prepared to work in one of the largest growing segments of the service industries: outdoor recreation. Students will be qualified for jobs in such fields as outdoor education, state and national park service, camp administration, adventure based counseling, eco-tourism, and professional guiding.


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