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2022-2023 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Department

Professor: K. Becker, D. Gordon, W. Pfaff

Contact Us
Chairperson: Karen Becker, Professor
Phone: 518-564-2477
Email: beckerke@plattsburgh.edu


The department offers two major programs of study, the B.S. in music arts management and the B.A. in music. In addition, we offer the music minor and the music focus component for childhood education majors. The B.S. in music arts management (55 credits) is a business and production focused program, with elements of marketing, public relations, music technology, management and leadership. The interdisciplinary degree foundation will create students that will thrive in such arenas as venue management, arts administration, music technology and non-profit and standard business environments. The B.A. (42-49 credits) allows students to combine studies in music with a related discipline on campus, encouraging interdisciplinary thinking and applications. Students will receive broad coverage of music that develops musicianship skills, capabilities in the use of principles and procedures that lead to an intellectual grasp of the art, and the ability to perform. The minor in music (21-24 credits) allows students to develop basic expertise in the field through an organized program of study that becomes part of their permanent record. The music minor provides students with skills in music as well as skills in critical and creative thinking, analysis, and communication. Childhood education majors may elect an arts focus in music (15-18 credits). Students acquire a strong foundation in musical skills and explore the applications of those skills to the childhood education classroom.

Our department offers internship possibilities, as well as a healthy scholarship endowment. Through our small class size, and close attention from faculty, the music department is an ideal place for a student to “find family”.

The Plattsburgh campus and community provide an ideal environment for the development of musical interests. Concerts featuring music students, music faculty and visiting guest artists take place frequently during each semester. Students and faculty regularly perform together in small ensembles. Students have the opportunity to interact with guest artists in workshops and other settings, as well as in performances.



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